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So here I am looking quizzically at you. As this is the "About" section, I'll entertain you with a bout of writing.

 Sometimes you find bios or descriptions of the author of a site written in third person, which makes him or her an "Illeist" (yep the word actually exists). "Me" talking about "him" borders on the schizophrenic, but "we" like that don't we?

So here goes: 

"Walter Bruneel is a Visionary Artist fond of coffee, cats, Indian and Mexican food and an eclectic mixture of music, literature, movies and art too many to mention, but you can try to provoke him and then don't feel sorry for yourself when he doesn't  stop the rant.

He is a Leo ascendant Scorpio. 

He has a background in Animation and traditional art, as well as energy work and healing and reading (25 years). Recently he got tugged on his sleeve by his Magickal Self, which resulted in a head-on study of, and sometimes collision with, the fine Art of Magick. As always, the occupations are reflected in the Artwork."

And he saw that it was good.


Please contact me through the form on this page . Any efforts to reach me by message in a bottle, owl messagery, shipping yourself and getting dropped off by a delivery service, leaving a talking parrot in a cage on the doorstep, smoke signals, telepathy and even the occasional strip-o-gram are a liability in terms of correct communication and may result in me responding by sending a bat, long-distance-shooting an arrow with parchment rolled along the shaft, having Gabriel send one of his cloud squad or letting a cryptic crop circle appear in your carefully cropped hair. The form is not the most original way but it does work.

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